Sustainable Development

Exclusivity I.Zen

Eco-citizen gestures for a more responsible and sustainable daily life.
The aim is to highlight the ecological, ethical, economic and fun aspects of Ecocitizenship.


    - Clothing Recovery for Association

    - Clothing Recycling and Customisation to give your wardrobe a second life.
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    - Partnership to raise awareness of recycling  

    - Recovery of plugs in association and partnership for the various handicaps. 

Ecological and Recycling Workshop

    - Workshop on Household Product Creation
( Dish Liquid, Clay Stone, Multi-surface Cleaner, Laundry ...)

    - Cosmetic Creation Workshop
( Scrub, Hand soap, Shampoo, ...)

    - Creation Hydroalcoholic Gel Workshop

    - Workshop Creation of Aromatherapy and Wellness Products
Against stress, cold, ... For sleeping, breathing ….
( Roll On, Pillow Mist, Mood Perfume ) 

    - Aromatic potting plant with recycled container
( Tea box, Tin can, Washing can, Plastic bottle, etc.)

Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development
Sustainable Development